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Why is Organic Clothing Better for Babies?

It is quite common for parents to want their babies to have the best. Babies have different needs. We know that we cannot just take the best clothes for our babies because they might end up getting uncomfortable or ill due to the same. It is important for parents to consider the safety of their babies. There are many brands available in the market which are designed for babies. One of them is organic clothing.

Organic clothing is designed for babies in a way that helps in the development of their health and growth. It is the only type of clothing that is free of chemicals and toxic materials. If we want to protect our children then it is better to take their organic clothing as it will provide a great amount of protection to them.

baby clothing

Infants Are Vulnerable to Toxic Materials, Pesticides, and Flame Retardants

Infants are vulnerable to toxic chemicals, pesticides, and flame retardants. This is because they have the highest consumption of the most toxic compounds of all living organisms. A child consumes nearly 20 times the amount of chemicals consumed by adults.

Children are usually exposed to chemical contaminants through the food they consume and the environment. Chemicals are harmful to children if ingested orally, and children often put their fingers in their mouths.

Newborn Skin Is More Permeable

Skin permeability is an important factor when buying any cosmetic product. In the modern era, skin permeability is measured in g/cm2/hr and is also referred to as diffusion. Skin permeability rate is an indicator of how fast a product passes through the skin.

This feature can be affected due to many factors. There are various products which are in the market which are claimed to enhance skin permeability. But they are not all efficient in providing long-term results.

Some of the factors which can affect skin permeability include age, skin type, weather, cosmetics, and lotions.

Skin permeability increases with age. In the teenage years, skin permeability is at its peak, but as we grow older, skin permeability reduces.

There are many types of skin such as dry, oily, combination, and normal. These skin types affect skin permeability.

Skin permeability can be affected by the weather. In the summer days, when the temperature rises, the skin becomes dry. This creates pores which affect the skin permeability. So, to maintain healthy skin, it is important to keep the skin moisturized.

Lotions and cosmetics which contain alcohol, fragrance, and perfume can cause skin irritation and dryness.

So, to enhance skin permeability, it is essential to keep the skin hydrated. It is a common practice to use a face mask before applying any cosmetics. It is also important to wash your face after removing the mask.

How to Choose Outfits That Respect Your Baby’s Skin

When it comes to the choice of clothes for your baby, it is essential to keep in mind that it has a very important effect on his or her skin. You need to make sure that the clothes you choose are gentle on the baby’s skin. When you buy clothes for your baby, it is essential to understand what is safe for his or her skin.

Your baby needs to be protected from the sun. Sunscreen is an essential part of your baby’s wardrobe. You need to make sure that you are buying sunscreen for your baby. There are different types of baby clothing available in the market, which offer protection from the sun. It is a must that you wear clothes that protect your baby from the sun. It is important to take into account that babies are still exposed to sunlight and they can burn easily. The sun causes tanning and darkening of the skin. So you must be careful about the clothes you choose for your baby.

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