Which type of footwear is comfortable for kids?


Whether you have an infant at home, a toddler, or a bigger kid, it’s always been fun to do the shopping for them. Little kids with cute booties look adorable, similarly walking toddlers in tennis shoes give a very cool look. There are many options available in the market, but does any shoe can be worn by a kid of any age?

It is necessary to select soft and comfortable shoes according to the age of a kid. Otherwise, the shoe can cause any injury or issue in walking to your kid. Selecting supportive footwear for a kid of any age should be preferred.

When a kid is born, after every 6 months, the size of the shoe changes. As their feet grow, you need to buy a new pair for them. When buying a shoe for a kid, notice the material of the shoe, the type, and the size. Is it appropriate for your kid?


Hacks to get appropriate footwear for your kid

Want a new shoe pair for your kid? Thoroughly check the width, length, and depth of the shoe. If the shoe is tight or loose-fitted, it will cause problems for your kid.

  • Check whether the shoe has enough room so that your kid can walk comfortably. The shoe should not be slim fit in that it presses your kid’s foot. Examine the depth of the shoe, so that it doesn’t touching the toe.
  • Focus on making a shoe. The upper part of kid shoes should be of breathable stuff like canvas or mesh. The insole must be soft and of absorbable material. Avoid the thick outer sole of a kid’s shoes.

Always buy shoes for your kid that has enough space for feet to move, not too much nor a tight one. Once you start following the steps, it will be easy to select shoes for your kid.


Right shoes for kids according to age

Shoes give a smart look to anybody. So everyone selects it according to his taste. But when it comes to kid’s shoes, many things should be kept in mind along with style.

  • Infants and crawling babies don’t need to wear shoes. There are specially made soft booties for them. So their feet remain safe and in natural shape. These booties keep the feet warm and comfortable. As these booties are made of cloth, so they will not harm your kid.
  • When a kid starts to walk, like 10 months to 3 years kid. Select a shoe that has breathable nature and a soft sole. Choose lightweight shoes that make your kid take steps easily. Leather or canvas shoes are the best choices. Because they will stay on their feet and are comfortable too.
  • There are many variations and styles of shoes for the school-going kid. From casual sandals to athletic shoes, get flexible, comfortable, and affordable shoes for them.

From newborns to 5 years old kids, wnkrs.com has shoes of any style and size for you. What exactly do you want? A pair of booties? Sandals or canvas shoes? Find a large collection of colorful and stylish shoes for your kid.

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