Teaching your child how to get dressed

Teaching your child how to get dressed

All kids will need to learn to be more self-sufficient and independent at some point, including learning to dress themselves. How do you encourage yours to dress correctly and efficiently, and without resistance or power struggles?

After all, watching him tie his own laces will add an extra five minutes you can’t exactly spare. Maybe he insists he’s the one who handles the task even if you know he can’t do it properly yet.

Some kids refuse to dress themselves. They would prefer that their parents do everything for them, such as dressing them. Teaching your child to dress himself is much more doable than you initially thought.

Yes, you do have to carve time (and be patient) so you’re not frantic in the morning trying to get out of the house without being late. And you might have to hold judgment and perfection when you notice he put his shirt on backward.


Simple steps can make the whole process easier. By working with you, I believe your child can learn how to get dressed, and he’ll feel more self-assured and achieve. And you can teach him the strategy to use, but you’ll need to supervise him.

  • Give them elastic pants, saving fasteners for playtime. They are easier to pull on and off than ones with buttons and zippers. It is a good place to start until they have the motor skills to handle buttons. Keep the pants loose and comfortable so they can be easily managed.
  • There are some great activities and board games to help kids get familiar with different fasteners like buttons, zippers, buckles, and snaps. As they master the skills, you can help them become more familiar with different clothing fasteners.
  • DIY Sensory Board Ideas for babies, toddlers, and school-aged kids These buttons are great for the whole family. They take more motor skills, so it may take some practice and be a long time before they are mastered. Be patient and have your child practice for as long as they need.
  • The more you do something right, the easier it will be to remember. As parents, this is important for us because we want to teach our children good habits and not bad ones. It’s easier for kids to learn good habits than to unlearn bad ones.

Babies and toddlers can’t tell whether a toy is in front or behind them, so it’s important for parents to teach this at a young age. This is easy to do. Simply pull up their underwear or pants a little to make sure both feet are through, then sit them down to pull up the rest of the way.

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How much time do you really have?

If you want to give your children the best start in their lives, then it’s vital that you start now, before they become toddlers.

When you dress your child, you’re saving time and stress, but you’re setting them up for failure. Their lack of self-esteem creates an obstacle that they will never overcome without first developing the skills to do so.

Children that have a routine tend to develop good habits and are more successful throughout their life. Starting to learn things before you’re in bed is a good idea since it gives you time to finish your day and get ready for the next one.

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