Is your baby ready to wear shoes?

Those cute little feet of an infant look like a delicious pie that you want to gobble all at once. From the instance that someone has a newborn, being a parent, we start worrying about different things. There are so many concerns that can worry a parent. What’s good for him/her, and what’s not? One of those concerns is another thing that might confuse some parents since parents are concerned and usually overprotective about their kids. The concern is “when should you make your baby wear shoes?”.

Most parents make their infants wear shoes before even they start crawling or walking. Although, that time is not far as well. But shoes look cute on those adorable little feet anyways. But is it okay to have your baby wear shoes before they even started crawling? Let’s take a look at the aspects of making your baby wear shoes as a young infant.

Is there a need for shoes for your baby?

No; and that is because shoes’ basic purpose is to protect feet from dirt and harm. But when your baby is at the age where he stays in the stroller, cradle, or a parent’s lap, then they are already protected. And their feet are not doing any job other than making your heart melt. According to the American academy of pediatrics, there is no need for shoes for your pre-toddler unless they start walking.

Why is it better to let your baby walk barefoot?

When your little one is taking her first steps, let’s not rush the process of making them wear shoes. Try to keep the place clean and hurdle-free, so they don’t trip. But other than that, pediatricians recommend your baby should learn to walk barefoot. Why? Because they are just taking their first steps and learning to balance. Wearing shoes can make them feel uncomfortable. Even not all shoes are made of perfect baby material. So, it is important to let them explore the strength of their little feet as they grow to be stronger with a firm grip and strengthened muscles.

When should you shop for baby shoes?

So, when is the right time to make your baby wear shoes? It depends on when your little one has started to learn to walk properly. Every kid is different, so, keep that on a track that when your baby has learned to walk and seems to be up and running without hesitation then you can go and shop for the first pair of shoes.

What to look for in baby shoes?

Okay well, now it’s the time you are going shopping for the first pair of shoes for your walking kid. You must be very excited, but do not just buy shoes looking at the appearance. Here’s what you need to look out for your baby’s comfort while wearing shoes:

Light and delicate

Shoes must be light for the baby to carry easily since it’s their first time.


They should be bendable and springy so they don’t make your kid fall easily.


Make sure that the shoes are snuggly. It shouldn’t be too loose for your baby’s feet to slip off, and shouldn’t even be too tight to make him feel uncomfortable.

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