How To Tell If Your Bearded Dragon Is Male or Female?

A bearded dragon is a lizard that can be found in many areas of the world. The bearded dragon is very popular as a pet because of its unique appearance and fascinating behavior. However, if you’ve ever owned a bearded dragon, you probably know that it’s difficult to tell what gender your bearded dragon is. Fortunately, this post will teach you how to tell if your bearded dragon is male or female.

You can tell if your bearded dragon is a male or female by looking at the tail. Male dragons have a long, thin tail, while females have a short, fat tail. You can also look at the beard. If the beard on your bearded dragon is light-colored, it’s a female. If the beard is dark, it’s a male. You can also look at the eyes. If your bearded dragon has large black eyes, it’s a female. If the eyes are small and yellow, it’s a male.

Males and females look very different. The only way to tell if your bearded dragon is male or female is to look at the tail. Females have a very short tail. On the other hand, males have a very long tails.

Check for hemipenal bulges

Males also have a large, rounded, and swollen structure on the back of their heads called hemipenis. This is a small structure located between the eyes and the jaw. It is usually red or pink in color. It can be seen on the underside of the male’s tail.


Check for testicles

The male bearded dragon has a pair of testicles in the groin area. They are located on either side of the tail. The male’s testicles are usually the same size as his tail.

The flashlight method

The female bearded dragon doesn’t have testicles. Instead, she has a pouch in the same area where the male’s testicles would be. This pouch is called the cloaca. It is a small, round opening located between the front legs and the hind legs. The female’s cloaca is usually smaller than the male’s.

The cloacal method

If you are not sure if your bearded dragon is male or female, you can use the cloacal method to determine if it is male or female. First, look at your bearded dragon’s cloaca. If you can see a small opening, it is female. If you cannot see any opening, it is male.

Femoral pores and size

The femoral pores and size of a male beardie are very different from those of a female beardie. The femoral pores of a male beardie are round and usually cover more than half of his body. The femoral pores of a female beardie are oval-shaped and cover only about one-third of her body.

Watch their behavior

The behavior of a male beardie is very different from that of a female beardie. A male beardie is usually much more aggressive than a female beardie.

Another thing you should know is that the males are usually larger than the females. Males also have a large heads and long tails. They are usually more active than the females. Females are usually less active than males.

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