How to choose your clothes to look great

The fashion industry touches every sphere of our lives. You can watch models on catwalks demonstrating clothes of various designs, colors, and shapes. However, this abundance makes it quite challenging for many people to select those clothes that will really make them look great. Where to start when you shop for new apparel? Let us share some tips with you.

First and foremost, you should understand that even your most favorite colors may be unsuitable for your wardrobe because they are not coordinating together or simply do not suit you. Before selecting the right color, you should determine your skin’s undertone. If it is cold, you will mostly likely look perfect wearing cool colors such as deep blue, purple, or pale pink. If your complexion is warm, yellow, orange or green will be the best choice. 

It would be also good advice to choose accessories and clothes that bring color in your eyes. For example, deep red will stress the richness of brown eyes, while pale blue eyes will look charming being contrasted with black.

Think about making a small collection of neutral pieces of clothing. Blouses, suits, dresses, etc. that you could wear on the daily basis (of such colors and black, gray, light and dark brown). You will see that such casual outfits can serve you for long if you change accessories to them. However, you should avoid colors that make your face look sallow. 

There is nothing wrong in watching fashion shows and listening to experts. However, you should remember that your main goal is to feel yourself at your best. If you believe that a certain design shows your figure or face in the best light, do not hesitate to buy it even if it is not fashionable. 


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