Eyelash Extensions

How to Apply Eyelash Extensions in 8 Simple Steps

Eyes are the window to the soul. It’s our body part that shows us the emotional state of our soul. Eyelash extensions are the latest trend in fashion. They are used to increase the length of your eyelashes. They are available in various styles.

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the beauty of women by making their eyelashes look longer. These are the natural extensions that are applied with the help of a professional. Eyelash extensions make the lashes appear fuller and longer. It also helps to hide the mascara.

Eyelash Extensions

To apply for eyelash extensions, first, you need to select a base color of your choice. In order to avoid unwanted results, you must choose the right type of extensions. They come in different types like single, dual, and three strands. After applying for these extensions, you must trim the hair around the eyes to create a smooth look.

Once the application is done, you should wait for a couple of days for the extension to become firm and dry. You must also follow a strict schedule for its removal. Your new look will last from 3 weeks to 3 months.

You can remove the extensions with tweezers, or you can use a lash remover. You can use a normal makeup remover or a professional solution.

After removing the extension, you must wash your face thoroughly with water. Make sure to clean it with the proper solution.

Eyelash Extension Instructions Prep Steps 1-8:

  1. The eyelash extension process always begins with having your client sign a waiver.
  2. Determine your client’s desired look.
  3. Sanitize your hands.
  4. Apply eye pads, checking to make sure your client’s eyes can fully close. Also, make sure the eye pads are not in their eyes.
  5. Use tape on the lower lashes to ensure security, if needed.
  6. Apply the Primer with micro swabs.
  7. Shake your glue for 60 seconds, and after a good shake, put a pea-sized portion on your Jade Stone. Put a fresh dot of glue down every 20-30 minutes.
  8. Make sure your tweezers are completely clean for application.

Eyelash Extension Application Steps 9-20:

  1. Consult our lash extension guide.
  2. Using your tweezers, separate one eyelash at a time. Do NOT apply more than one eyelash extension to one natural lash.
  3. Pick up a lash, dip it in glue, and apply it to the natural lash. Use one very small bead of glue on the extension.
  4. If you are a beginner, alternate between the eyes every 2-3 lash applications.
  5. Throughout the application, use a mascara wand to brush the extensions.
  6. A full set of lash extensions per eye is an average of 60-125 lashes, or 95-99% of the natural lashes covered.
  7. Alternate until the set is complete on each eye.
  8. Separate lashes that are stuck together or to the eye pad with tweezers and wands.
  9. Using Nano Mister, cure the lashes.
  10. Apply a sealer.
  11. Remove the tape and eye pads while their eyes are still closed.
  12. Help the client slowly open their eyes.

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