Guide to Choosing Playground Equipment for Ages 5-12

Guide to Choosing Playground Equipment for Ages 5-12

When selecting playground equipment for Ages 5-12, you need to consider more than just age-appropriate items. Playground equipment can be divided into three categories for each age range.

Some playground designs are designed for children’s play and entertainment. They may be attractive but may not be the best fit for the size of your location or the number of kids that will use the playground equipment.

If you have to choose different types of structures or freestanding equipment, there are many important things to consider.

How to Install Your Own Public Playground?

The design and implementation of a playground is an intricate process that takes several years to complete. As such, it is essential that you thoroughly review all of the factors involved in this process to ensure that you are providing children of all ages in your community with the best playground experience possible.

Playground equipment must be separated by age group. Young children shouldn’t be running around while older children and teens are still working on their balance.

They might find it frustrating to use equipment that isn’t designed to match their height and abilities. Furthermore, using equipment that doesn’t meet their height measurements and fall height requirements can be dangerous for younger kids.

If your school covers many different age groups, such as toddlers, preschoolers, elementary, middle, high school, and college, then the best equipment for your students will depend on their age group. The playground surface must be able to accommodate each of these different age groups.

Playground surfacing for preschoolers should not include loose-fill materials. Instead, the best option is to use a material that’s shock and energy-absorbing.


Multiple Play Structures

Age-Based Activities. If you have lots of space, consider creating activities that suit each age group. This will allow each age group to enjoy their time in their own environment without worrying about the other ages.

To enhance play value, add some independent play items between the different play structures. This will also help define the separate play areas.

Tips for Playground Maintenance

Keep these tips in mind to keep your backyard playground safe and fun:

  • Inspect protective surfacing and maintain proper area and depth.
  • Replace or repair any hardware that is loose, worn, or protruding.

The stairs should be maintained by cleaning them with an abrasive material. This will keep them clean and smooth, making it safer for the children to climb up and down them. A child who trips on the stairs could slip and fall, causing severe injury or even death.

Keep metal parts of your boat free of rust and chipped paint. If the hull is corroded, the structure may be unsafe. Stop use and contact the manufacturer. Inspect for damage to structural components that connect to the ground.

You must have the proper training to use the swing safely. Take precautions to prevent injuries and damage to your child and other children.

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