Animal friendly fashion: why should I choose faux fur?

Fur is one of the most widely used materials in the fashion industry. It is used for the production of coats, sweaters, parkas, vests, boots, accessories, and a lot of other items. However, the animal protection movement now makes a lot of designers to refuse of real fur in favor of faux fur.  Why?

Before discussing the reasons to wear faux fur, it is important to understand what it actually is. Faux fur (fake fur) is a pile fabric, typically made of acrylic polymers, which imitates the qualities (warmth and appearance) of the traditional fur. Faux fur is a cruelty free alternative to fur clothing, featuring a number of advantages that account for its growing popularity.

The key reason to wear faux fur is that this material is animal-friendly. Today, millions of animals having precious fur are killed every year for the sake of fashion. A lot of them are about to go extinct in a couple of decades. 

The second argument in favor of faux fur is that it is much more practical than real fur. Being made of synthetic fibers like polyester or acryl, it is much easier to clean if you accidentally spill something on it (which will actually ruin animal fur). There are even machine washable options. 

Third, faux fur is much easier to store because, unlike real fur, it does not require any professional cleaning and storing conditions. Moths and fluctuation of temperature and humidity cannot damage it. You can store your faux fur clothing in your closet all summer.

Finally, faux fur is considerably cheaper than animal fur. You will not have to spend thousands of dollars on a coat or a jacket. If you get tired of it or it goes out of fashion, you can simply purchase a new one without regret.

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