9 Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation

9 Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation

Gardening and caring for plants can be both relaxing and rewarding, but it can also be a lot of work. We’ve created this post to help you out and make sure your plants are healthy and happy before you go on holiday.

9 Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation

Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation

1. Add Mulch to your Plants

Mulching your garden is important for many reasons. It will help to keep the soil cool and moist by slowing down evaporation. It also protects your plants from insects and animals. If you have a lawn, you should mulch it every few weeks in the garden.

2. Make a Plastic Bag Greenhouse

This is a DIY project you can complete in less than an hour. My brother made a plastic bag greenhouse using a regular plastic grocery bag. He filled it with pebbles and placed it in his basement where the plants were growing outside. He blew air into the bag through a hole in the bottom. This helped water the plants and kept them from getting too dry. It worked so well that he decided to make one for me!

3. Choose the Traditional Water-Wicking Way

If you want to water your houseplants without worrying about them drying out, try this! You can even do it with a few simple supplies: a plastic bottle, a cotton rope, a plant pot, and a pencil.

4. Make a Watering Plan

A watering plan will help you keep your plants watered evenly and regularly. It will also prevent your plants from getting too much water at once which can be harmful.

5. Make a DIY Drip System

If you are like me, you have spent hours searching for the perfect plant or flower to add to your home. I used to spend hours on end looking at plants in nurseries or on the web. Now I can buy them online and have them shipped to my front door.

6. Club Hanging Baskets Together

When I moved into my apartment, I didn’t have any plans for my hanging baskets, which were all over the place. So I bought a bunch of hanging baskets and put them in the same area, where I could see them every day. When I noticed that they were drying out faster than I expected, I realized I had to do something about it.

7. Shower Your Plants Before Leaving

This tip is actually one of my favorites. It makes the plants feel better and it also helps the plants grow faster.

8. Choose Self-Watering Pots

If you are taking a vacation to a warmer climate, you will want to have your indoor plants survive the winter. A great way to do this is to use a self-watering pot. They work by allowing excess water to drain away and then refilling with water from a hose. When you come home, just add water to the reservoir and it will refill your pots and keep your indoor plants thriving.

9. Put Up Artificial Shade

This is a common question that I get asked by my clients. The main reason why people want to do this is that they don’t like the look of their plants being exposed to the sun. The other reason is that they don’t want their house to look messy.

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