Find your inner peace with meditation

Find your inner peace with meditation

When you listen to the word YOGA, a practice come into your mind in which your mind and soul is connected to each other. The origin of yoga is from ancient India, where people meditate physically, mentally and spiritually to reduce stress and make their body fit. The main purpose is to bring harmony between Mind and Body. While doing yoga you feel like you are flying high in a sky. It is also considered as art/ science to live a healthy and sound life.


Your mind and body are interlinked to each other. A sound body has sound mind. So if you mind is disturbed , your body will automatically feel restless and everything will become colourless for you. But if you perform yoga everyday properly then your heart and body will unite with mind to do miracles. It is not hard to do yoga, just some breathing techniques that combine with different exercises to meditate and you will become fresh and feel very light.


Principles of YOGA


The yoga is not just ordinary exercise or meditation. It has set of principles that one should follow for best results. Todays people are busy in their hectic routine and do not bother to follow simple rules of life. But if you start follow them, you will feel very difference in your behaviour and attitude yourself. We will discuss them to tell you know about them

  • Breathing

Breath properly in fresh air. Exhale all the sadness, tensions and negativity and inhale the oxygen properly to freshen the mind.


  • Positive thinking

Think positively, act positively and have a balance relationship with everything around you.



  • Truthfulness

Make your intentions positive towards everyone. Speak truth, promote truth and purify your thoughts with truth.



  • Wisdom

Act wisely, think before you do any act or speak. Look before you leap.


  • Simplicity

Make your life simple and get rid of all toxic and complicated thoughts. As simplicity is the best policy to live your life in contentment and peace.


  • Self disciplined

Behave like an non violent person that has calm and cool nature. Say no to aggression and rudeness.


  • Compromising

Do not compare your self to others. What others have is their luck, just focus on your blessings.


  • Diet

Eat healthy diet that contain vitamins, proteins and iron etc. Avoid unhealthy food, oily and fatty food items that cause diseases.

Thoroughly examine yourself and try to add positivity in your life and meditate without thinking and focusing on anything.


Benefits of YOGA


Yoga is not just way to meditate or exercise; it is a life style. When you deeply indulge yourself in to it, you will bring positivity and attraction in your life. Who do not want to maintain healthy and balanced life? Then one must do meditation and yoga along with good diet. If we will start listing benefits of yoga, they are endless. But here are some of them for your information.

  1. Yoga is best stress reliever. If you are suffering from depression then do yoga regularly. After some time you will feel that all your frustration is like vanished now.
  2. It increases the flexibility of your muscles and you can easily do gymnastics. Your posture will also improve with doing yoga regularly.
  3. Yoga is good for building muscle strength & tone. You feel energetic and your body will be firm and strengthen by performing yoga. There will be less chances of any injury because of strong muscles.
  4. It will boost your metabolism process. If you do yoga , you will feel your digestive system is working properly and efficiently.
  5. It helps to protect you from many diseases like blood pressure issues and diabetes etc. Because it lowers the sugar in blood and increase the flow of blood in human body. There will be less chances of heart attack or any other dangerous disease.
  6. The respiratory system will also work properly and pump oxygen and fresh air effectively. You feel fresh and energetic all the day.
  7. People also do yoga for loosing weight. Many gym trainers teach the customers different steps of yoga.

Yoga has positive impact on your behaviour, body language, posture and health. So in our opinion, you should start self meditation from now.


YOGA and its importance

From more than hundred years, yoga is being practicing by yoga masters. Now we can eat pills to strengthen our body and muscles but people out in ancient India did yoga to relax and boosting their muscles. We can say with surety that yoga can bring your mind and body together. Not only patients but a normal healthy person should do yoga regularly for peaceful life. After a hectic routine, a yoga step is must to throw the stress out of your soul and body.


Best YOGA techniques

There are a lot of yoga techniques, some are very easy to do but as you get in to it, you will be exposed with bliss and enlightenment. Yoga techniques that you should do regularly are

  • Mountain pose: in this you have to stand straight with open hands that points towards the earth.
  • Chair pose: stand straight while pointing hands towards the sky. Inhale the air and try to sit like a chair and exhale.
  • Down on a chair: bow down with a right angel and put hands on the back of chair.

Yoga is a very deep exercise that need your full attention and in return it will strengthen your body, mind and heart. Along with health issues, it is also good for resisting any injuries and bring calmness in your life.


Our verdict

Frustrated from being so busy and complicated stuff of life? Bring ease in your life and inner peace by performing yoga daily. Make it  routine, you just need to spare some minutes for yourself. A healthy routine and positivity in life is all you need. Just build a simple and healthy relationship with your soul by adding yoga in to your life.



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